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In this article we round up the best free iPhone games, from fighting and sports games to puzzles and RPGs - starting with our 12 favourite. If you're all about the iPhone, these are some of the best games you can play. Here are the best iOS games available for your iPhone or iPad. Some games are free and others are paid, but every one of them is awesome.

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No spam, we promise. While Asphalt 8 aims squarely at arcade racers, Real Racing 3 goes for the simulation jugular. These can be used to purchase bag upgrades, extra items, etc. New in Metacritic Features. With visuals that appear to have lumbered in from , the game has you steer a blocky black car along a vertically scrolling track. great iphone games Simultaneously accessible enough for beginners it's consistently rated as a 'gateway game' for inducting newbies into the hobby and deep enough that it's still being played competitively 15 years after its release, Carcassonne has perhaps the broadest appeal of any board game available today. The shapes all have names and back stories, related in a jaunty voice-over that won Wallace a Bafta, and the music shoulders a lot of the emotional heavy lifting too. I have the same ones myself. Agent A cleverly fuses multiple puzzles with differing styles to make this quite the quite the adventure. The game is frequently updated to reflect special events in the wrestling world, giving fans plenty of incentive to regularly check back for new cards and rewards. This is, of course, nothing new: Eufloria pairs simple strategy with mood and style, offsetting tense gameplay with calming visuals and an ambient soundtrack. Paco gimenez July 7,9: What are you waiting for? During play, your little craft blows away fragments of messed-up code and deadly flying letterforms. Reigns is a mobile experience where you can get a full, satisfying story in a matter of minutes, all while trying to solve a deeper mystery about why you keep getting reincarnated as different kings. Its beautiful visuals will draw you into its simplistic yet engaging gameplay, while its puzzles will avatar 4 nations tournament you with bonus requirements and unique tricks. And let's face it, having boxes of Magic cards around the house doesn't go down well with wives. The Gathering pictured above, and discussed below , Ascension differs principally in that you build your deck while playing the game itself, rather than in your spare time beforehand - thus making the game far more immediately accessible, while perhaps compromising a little on strategic depth. Also, anyone who plays a lot on planes or subways: Controversial subject matter aside, the game is stunning in its scale and brilliance. The monitor periodically demands that you adjust one of the controls or dials to a specified setting, and the speed with which you respond dictates how successfully the ship escapes the fiery explosion on its tail. It's a brilliant concept beautifully realised: Eventually, you'll be deftly avoiding obstacles, grabbing pick-ups, and learning the benefits of multitouch on the more complex stages. The game's sort of like a twin-stick shooter but you tap-hold to charge and then release to let rip, dragging your finger about to fry your foes. The default map covers the US, and there are European expansions available as in-app purchases. But this is only random in a limited way: Splitter Critters Splitter Critters is one adorable and clever puzzler.

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The Top 25 iPhone and iPad Games Recreating the 90s PC classics - seemingly in their entirety - for the iPad is a logistical triumph, and we'd argue that the price tags which are high for iOS games are more than justified, considering the wealth of story and gameplay you're getting for your cash. However, while Super Dangerous Dungeons is frequently frustrating, it's friendly enough that you'll pause after angrily quitting the game, and then go back for another try. Taylor is the sole survivor of the crash of the Varia, on a barren moon somewhere in the vicinity of Tau Ceti. So why are we playing Magic on the iPad instead of in the flesh? The different classes and their specific cards and abilities add a nice level of variety, online games games play the single-player 'Curse poker scout Naxxramas' update means great iphone games don't have to take your game online unless you want to. Who's in the mood for fun?! Sitting atop a monarchy makes you a prime target for political espionage, assassins and public ridicule.